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still: Kill Daddy Goodnight (Das Vaterspiel)

Kill Daddy Goodnight (Das Vaterspiel)

17 Nov 2009

UK Premiere

Vienna, 1999: scruffy twenty-something Ratz dreams of killing his corrupt politician father and developing a violent videogame to vent his anger. When old college flame Mimi calls from New York asking for help with her elderly grandfather, Ratz sees a chance to escape and to sell the latest version of his game. Yet the fate of his troubled family becomes intertwined with that of Mimi, and of Jonas, a Lithuanian Nazi hunter. Set on the cusp of the new millennium but shifting restlessly in time, Michael Glawogger’s ambitious, unsettling fable warns of the insidious power of family secrets.

dir Michael Glawogger, Austria/Germany, 2009, 112 mins, German with English subtitles


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E.g., 24-09-2018