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Khodorokovsky, Dir Cyril Tuschi, 2011


2 Mar 20128 Mar 2012

Set to a gorgeous Arvo Pärt score dedicated to Khodorkovsky, this is the story of the eponymous Russian oligarch who has been in a Siberian prison since 2003 on contested tax evasion charges. Twice stolen by mysterious forces during both its post-production and also on the cusp of its World Premiere at the Berlin Film Festival, this is one of the most contentious and thought-provoking documentaries of recent years.

Ostensibly Khodorkovsky is an account of the rise and fall of one of Russia's first wave of oligarchs. Propelled to immense wealth by his acquisition of the state-owned oil company Yukos, at a fraction of its market value, Khodorkovsky was at one time the world's richest man
under 40. This fascinating documentary looks at his personal fate once he began to publically oppose Putin and delivers an excoriating view of contemporary Russia. Mixing animation, documentary and the only existing interview of Khodorkovsky since his incarceration in 2003, this is a truly breath-taking depiction of power, corruption and lies - told with surprising candour and good deal of humour. Essential viewing on the eve of Putin's bid for re-election.

Director Q&A
The director Cyril Tuschi will be joined by award-winning Guardian foreign correspondent Luke Harding for a Q&A session after the 6.15pm screening on 2 March.

Luke Harding has reported from Delhi, Berlin and Moscow and in 2011 became the first western reporter to be expelled from Russia since the Cold War. His book Mafia State has been acclaimed as "essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the new but familiar face of Russian authoritarianism."

Luke will be signing copies of his book Mafia State in the bookshop from 8.30-9pm.

Dir: Cyril Tuschi, 2011, Germany, Russian and German with English subtitles, 111mins


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