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Kakera, Dir Momoko Ando, Japan 2009

Kakera - Gala Screening

27 Mar 2010

A special gala screening of an atmospheric and idiosyncratic new Japanese feature from first-time director Momoko Ando (opening at the ICA on 2 April). An adaptation of the popular manga series Love Vibes, Kakera follows college student Haru as she finds herself increasingly wrapped up in an intense relationship with Riko, a frank and forthright young woman who approaches her in a cafe.
The progress of this unconventional romance is beguiling enough, but the film also has a nicely understated fantastical tone which lifts it onto a higher plane.

Director Momoko Ando will present this special screening, with further guests to be confirmed.

The full run of screenings of Kakera begins in April.

Dir Momoko Ando, Japan 2009, 107 mins, subtitles


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