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Junior Aspirin Presents Invisible Polytechnic and Socrates That Practices Music

6 May 2011

The second of the ICA’s music events suggested by Nathaniel Mellors features performances organised by Junior Aspirin, the record label co-founded by Mellors, Andy Cooke and Frieze’s Dan Fox.

The first part of the evening will be a performance of Terry Riley’s In C. The piece will be performed by Invisible Polytechnic, a loosely classical ensemble with world and experimental music influences, featuring custom built analogue synthesizer Misty holding down a gradually changing musical pulse. In C was written in 1964 and is one of the major works of 20th century classical music. Riley, along with Steve Reich, Philip Glass and La Monte Young was one of the founding fathers of minimalism – a musical movement away from the clutches of over-cerebral serial music of the 1950s, embracing repetition, process and consonant harmony.

The second part of the evening sees Socrates That Practices Music performing their new album Further Conclusions Against an Italian Version (BAT). They have been compared to Bauhaus and A Certain Ratio, but more recently Socrates would be better described as a two man metagoth outfit who use samplers, synths, guitars, and drums to explore the occult, shire horses, legal wrangles, and less than confident gardeners.

Junior Aspirin Records will release Invisible Polytechnic’s recording of In C, and BAT, the new Socrates album, on the night.

Junior Aspirin


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