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Josee, the Tiger and the Fish, Dir Isshin Inudo, 2003

Josee, the Tiger and the Fish

6 Feb 2011

Tsuneo is an easygoing student who, led by his fascination of Josee, soon becomes a regular visitor of grandma and Josee's shabby, run-down house. Josee slowly lets him into her self-made world, and the two mutually begin to care for each other. The story is simple, but the unique world and characters of Josee, the Tiger and the Fish are complex. Chizuru Ikewaki's Josee is strong-willed and frank, but at the same time timid and curious, while Satoshi Tsumabuki's Tsuneo is a very realistic portrait of a Japanese college student.

Dir Isshin Inudo, Japan 2003, 116 mins, subtitles, 35mm, recommended cert 15


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E.g., 29-07-2021