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Photo: John Foxx

John Foxx: Metamatic Live

29 Sep 2007

John Foxx's pioneering album Metamatic was described as 'visionary' by the Klaxons earlier this year and this will be a unique chance to hear all of it performed live, including B-sides such as the cult electro classic Mr No.

John Foxx - Mr. No

Describing electronic music's origins as 'late 20th century urban blues', Foxx has an ongoing and passionate 30 year relationship with drum machines and analogue synthesizers but he's also enjoying a successful career as a filmmaker and visual artist. As well as gallery exhibitions and installations in major international cities, his photographic images have graced numerous book covers over the last 10 years, including novels by Anthony Burgess and Salman Rushdie.

John Foxx - Metamatic (2007 Remastered Deluxe Edition)

This one-off show will also include a gallery of art prints, cut-up movies, a VJ collaboration and a digital 'moving stained glass window', as Foxx brings together his work as a writer, filmmaker, artist and musician for the first time.

The main Metamatic show will also be followed by DJ sets in the ICA Bar and a chance to talk to the artist himself about his work.


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