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Hippy Dialectics (Ourhouse), 2010.  Copyright the artist and courtesy, Galerie Diana Stigter, Amsterdam; Matt's Gallery, London and MONITOR, Rome

John C. Welchman on Nathaniel Mellors

27 Mar 2011

John C. Welchman delivers a lecture on Nathaniel Mellors’ Giantbum (2008) and discusses Mellors’ recent work, including the ongoing video series, Ourhouse (2010-). 

Welchman is Professor of Modern Art History in the Visual Arts Department at the University of California, San Diego. He is the author of a number of books on art, including Modernism Relocated: Towards a Cultural Studies of Visual Modernity (1995) and Invisible Art After Appropriation: Essays on Art in the 1990s (2001). He has edited numerous collections of writing by, and interviews with, the artist Mike Kelley, and is a contributor to Nathaniel Mellor’s recent publication Book A or Megacolon or For & Against Language (2010).

This event will be signed in British Sign Language by Peter Abraham.


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E.g., 24-09-2018