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John Butcher and Eddie Prévost

John Butcher + Eddie Prévost + Guillaume Viltard + Sebastian Lexer

18 Nov 2010

A heavy-duty improvised session at the ICA. Featuring drummer, percussionist and AMM co-founder Eddie Prevost alongside master saxophonist John Butcher and new-comer Guillaume Viltard on bass, this occasional encounter returns to the stage having performed wonders at the Vortex earlier in the year. Originally a physicist, Butcher's work ranges from improvisation to his own compositions, multi-tracked saxophone pieces and explorations with feedback and extreme acoustics. Prevost and Viltard form a rhythm section fashioned from working together in the Prevost led 9! ensemble who played a key role at the ICA’s November 2009’s season Calling Out Of Context.

Ample support comes from fellow 9! member pianist Sebastian Lexer who mixes finely poised acoustic keyboard work with live laptop manipulations and effects.

Jonh Butcher
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Video: Butcher/Prevost/Viltard


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E.g., 18-09-2018