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Photo: Green Lens Studios

Jo Thomas Untitled Lines plus Richard Lannoy (Nonclassical DJ Set)

21 Jul 2011

A site-specific work in response to Pablo Bronstein: Sketches for Regency Living Jo Thomas presents Untitled Lines, an attempt to capture moments of elegance within shifting borders of sound. Untitled Lines will be influenced by Bronstein’s commentary on both architectural space and physical movement featuring Thomas in a costume, specially designed for the work by Marta Pozanski. Based in London Jo Thomas is an electronic composer and sound artist with a strong attachment to human agency. She states ‘my language is within the glitch, the fallible, the everyday, the urban and the vastness of the virtual.’ Tonight’s music will work directly with architectural construction, kinetic movement and imaginary spaces.

Also present will be Richard Lannoy representing Nonclassical, the record label and club night founded by Lannoy, Gabriel Prokofiev and compatriots from the London-based composer/producer scene. Richard will DJ in the ICA Bar throughout the evening.

This event is part of a contemporary music sequence at the ICA on Thursday evenings – comprised of composed and improvised occasions with a conceptual twist.

With thanks to Chimera Productions.

Jo Thomas Untitled Lines (45 mins)

Jo Thomas
Marta Pozanski


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