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Jin, Reha Erdem, 2012

Jin + Q&A

22 Feb 2013

The new film from Reha Erdem, Turkish cinema's great maverick movie-maker and director of Times and Winds and Kosmos, is an existential thriller with touches of magic realism. 17 year old Jin is on the run through dangerous forests and mountains, choosing to rebel in order to live; but both man and nature conspire to make her journey a treacherous one. The riveting juxtaposition of beauty and savagery is just one of the film's ambiguities, but when they combine in the final sequence the effect is truly breathtaking.

A Q&A with director Reha Erdem will follow the screening.

Jin, dir. Reha Erdem, Turkey 2012, 121 mins, English subtitles, cert. 15


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