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Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet. Dir. Jesse Vile, 2012, UK/USA

Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet

16 Nov 201221 Nov 2012

Award-winning documentary Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet charts the extraordinary life of Jason Becker, who in the 1980s was rising fast to stardom, having made a name for himself as an exceptional guitarist playing in the legendary David Lee Roth Band. When, aged 19, he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease, his world collapsed. A paralysing terminal illness with no cure, it has trapped Jason inside his own body for the past 22 years. Unable to move, speak or play the guitar, he has nevertheless overcome all odds with the help of his friends and family. Now immobilised, he continues to write songs using an eye communication system invented by his father, releasing the music that is trapped inside his mind. Despite his immobility, his personality remains vibrant and his fan base huge. 

Director Q&A
There will be a Q&A with the Director after the Saturday 17 November screening at 8.30pm.

Dir. Jesse Vile, 2012, UK/USA, 90 mins. 


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