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The Light Shines Only There, Mipo O, 2014

Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme: The Light Shines Only There

31 Jan 2015

This film is a bleak but stunningly beautiful exploration into humanity.

After quitting his job at a mountain quarry and living on savings, Tatsuo (Gou Ayano) fills his days with idle strolls and gambling at pachinko parlours. One day, he meets Chinatsu (Chizuru Ikewaki), a girl from a poor family living in a rundown shack and burdened by family difficulties.  

Tatsuo becomes attracted to Chinatsu, but she has a married lover on whom her brother’s livelihood depends. Despite their troubles, a light begins to shine in their lives – are they free from their despair?

Set in Hokkaido, Mipo O's (Here Comes the Bride, My Mom!) The Light Shines Only There has received numerous awards including Best International Feature at Raindance Film Festival, Best Director at Montreal World Film Festival, and is Japan’s entry for Best Foreign Film at the 87th Academy Awards.

The Light Shines Only There, dir. Mipo O, Japan 2014, 120 mins. Japanese with English subtitles, advised cert. 18

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