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Suzuki Matsuo, A Farewell to Jinu, 2015

Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme: A Farewell to Jinu

6 Feb 2016

ジヌよさらば ~ かむろば村へ~ (Jinu yo Saraba ~ Kamuroba Mura e)

After developing an unusual ‘money allergy’, burnt-out bank clerk Takeharu (Ryuhei Matsuda) leaves the city for the humble surroundings of Kamuroba, a remote village in Japan’s Tohoku region. Hell-bent on living a peaceful rural life without the need of ‘jinu’ (a Tohoku colloquialism meaning ‘cash’), will Takeharu really be able to live a completely zero-yen life?

Directed by Japan’s most exciting playwright, author, actor and filmmaker Suzuki Matsuo (Otakus in Love), this hilarious comedy features an ensemble cast as the area’s eccentric characters (including Toshiyuki Nishida, Takako Matsu and Sadao Abe) and is based on the manga series Kamuroba mura e (To Kamuroba Village) by Mikio Igarashi.

A Farewell to Jinu, dir. Suzuki Matsuo, Japan 2015, 121 mins, Japanese with English subtitles

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