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Jacob Kassay, Xanax (detail), 2011. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Mark Blower

Jacob Kassay

12 Oct 201113 Nov 2011

"They resemble magical mirrors fashioned out of quicksilver, like portals into fairyland... they possess a subtle, bewitching quality" Telegraph

Jacob Kassay’s canvases are simultaneously painting, sculpture and interactive installation. The exhibition includes a new body of work, in which Kassay continues his dialogue with the traditions of monochrome and colour field painting.

A wooden framework with a selection of canvases embedded within it, each of which is evenly painted and then silver-plated, will be located in the ICA’s lower gallery. The technique used on the canvases creates expansive reflective surfaces that come alive with the presence of an audience.

The movement of ambient colours and changing light subtly and continuously alter the appearance of the works throughout the day. The wooden structure releases the canvases from their status as single units, combining them into a larger composite installation that functions as both architectural support and environment.

In the ICA’s upper galleries, a series of shaped white monochrome canvases will be shown. Displaying an inwardness that is reminiscent of Ellsworth Kelly, the canvases appear in conversation with each other and the surrounding architecture.

Jacob Kassay (b. 1984, Buffalo, NY) lives and works in Los Angeles and New York. Solo shows include Art: Concept, Paris; Collezione Maramotti, Reggio Emilia, Italy; Eleven Rivington, New York; L&M, Los Angeles and Kitchen Distribution, Buffalo, New York.

Rhys Chatham performance
Musician Rhys Chatham will perform Rêve Parisien live at the opening of Jacob Kassay. Chatham is an American composer, guitarist, and trumpet player, primarily active in avant-garde and minimalist music. Rêve Parisien was originally performed live at Kassay's exhibition at Art: Concept in Paris in 2009. A recording of the performance has been released by Primary Information as an LP, packaged in a stunning gatefold with an arced die-cut cover, which was designed by Jacob Kassay in collaboration with Frank Napolski. It will be available to purchase in the ICA bookshop during the exhibition run.

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Charlotte and Bill Ford
Carlos Garcia-Velez and W. Kent Davis
Cindy and Howard Rachofsky

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Art: Concept
Eleven Rivington

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