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Don Hertzfeld, It's Such a Beautiful Day, 2012

It's Such A Beautiful Day

20 Mar 2016

For almost 20 years, Don Hertzfeldt has been one of the world's most inventive, talented and sardonic directors of hand-drawn animated film. It's Such a Beautiful Day is his scintillating feature debut. 

The film follows an anxiety-stricken stick man named Bill, for whom the mundane tasks of everyday life prove Earth-shatteringly momentous. We join him on a bittersweet existential odyssey which takes in dead birds, big onions, lunchbox messages, trains, manatees, leaf-blowers and the death and rebirth of the universe. 

This pocket-sized epic incorporates the blistering deadpan of Buster Keaton, the narrative back-flipping of Charlie Kaufman, the blissful Zen contemplation of Yasujiro Ozu and the grand philosophical investigations of Terrence Malick. It’s like nothing you will have seen before.

It's Such a Beautiful Day - Trailer

It's Such a Beautiful Day, dir. Don Hertzfeld, USA 2012, 60 mins


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