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Ip Man, dir Wilson Yip, Hong Kong 2008

Ip Man

2 Oct 200922 Oct 2009

A huge hit in China and Hong Kong, this drama based on the life of Ip Man – the martial arts master who trained Bruce Lee – is captivating. The charismatic Donnie Yen plays the lead in this period tale set against the backdrop of the second Sino-Japanese War during the 1930s, and Johnnie To favourite Simon Yam also stars. Director Wilson Yip brings his customary dynamism to proceedings, although the man who really pulls it all together is the legendary Sammo Hung. His work here as action choreographer won a Hong Kong Film Award, as did the film itself.


dir Wilson Yip, Hong Kong 2008, 106 mins, 15, subtitles: a Showbox release


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E.g., 15-08-2018