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Still: A Man Under the Influenza

International Shorts 1

9 Mar 2008

Whether challenging social perceptions or asserting a beautiful aesthetic, these are five films that make a statement. Together they highlight that women are at the cutting edge of film-making across the world.

Pathways, Dir Hagar Ben Asher, Israel 2007, 18 mins, subtitles
A young woman delivers cakes to the residents of her village, on a day that takes a dark turn.

About the Shoes, Dir Rozalie Kohoutova, Czech Republic 2007, 13 mins, subtitles
An intriguing insight into the lives of Roma children in the Czech Republic, in the best traditions of social realist documentary.

A Man Under the Influenza, Dir July Jung, South Korea 2007, 14 mins, subtitles
Feeling a bit under the weather, a man enters a dank café and orders a meal, a decision he begins to regret immediately. UK Premiere.

Ousmane, Dir Dyana Gaye, France / Senegal 2006, 15min, cert U
A street-kid roams the alleyways of Dakar in this inventive film about survival - and hope.

Sunday Afternoon, Dir Gaia Adducchio, Czech Republic/Italy 2006, 12 mins, subtitles
A body of water, dramatic silence and two people with something to dispose of.

Total running time 85 mins approx, Cert 18


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