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Impunity, Dirs Hollman Morris / Juan José Lozano, 2010

Impunity + Q&A

31 Mar 2011

What is the cost of truth for families immobilized by Colombia’s violent past? In 2005, Colombia started gathering evidence about the horrific violence being carried out by the illegal paramilitias. The specially established Commission for Peace and Justice called upon the perpetrators to hand in their weapons and give themselves up voluntarily in exchange for reduced sentences. At hearings with the voluntary confessors, atrocities are described in horrific detail while families listen and watch on computer screens. In certain instances, the families obtain at least a version of the truth — though many fear that the former paramilitaries will escape punishment. In an era where peace and justice are seen as both complementary and conflicting, what happens at the Commission for Peace and Justice in Colombia will resonate beyond its borders...

Dirs Hollman Morris / Juan José Lozano, Colombia/France/Switzerland 2010, 85 mins, subtitles


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