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Still: The Imposter, Dir. Bart Layton, UK 2012

The Imposter

7 Sep 201216 Sep 2012

In 1994 the disappearance of 13-year-old Nicholas Barclay rocked his Texan town to its core. Without any clue to his whereabouts, the ensuing search looked like a lost cause. But his family kept hoping and praying and, more three years later, they got their miracle. Nicholas was found halfway around the world, living on the streets in Spain, leading to the most unlikely and emotional of reunions. But all was not as it seemed. Nicholas looked and sounded decidedly different. Stranger still – why did his family seemingly not notice these glaring inconsistencies? It is only when an investigator starts asking questions that this astounding true story takes an even more extraordinary turn. With its jaw-dropping twists and revelations more reminiscent of film noir than documentary, The Imposter rivals 2010’s Catfish for pure unscripted thrills, while evoking classic identity thrillers such as The Talented Mr Ripley.

Director: Bart Layton. UK 2012. TBC mins.


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E.g., 16-08-2018