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Photo: Imgoen Heap

Imogen Heap + James Wolff

10 Jul 2007

A slow burning, word-of-mouth success, Imogen Heap started as the singer for acclaimed ambient duo Frou Frou, then branched out solo in 2005 with Speak for Yourself, an album stuffed with woozy electronica and acoustic ditties. That album, and lead track Hide and Seek (made up entirely of Imogen's eerie voice, repeated over and over), won the classically trained singer and musician fans around the world (including a flabbergasted The Edge).

Tonight, especially for the iTunes Festival, Imogen is planning an intimate acoustic evening with just herself and a piano. She'll be playing songs from I Megaphone (1998) and some b-sides from this era too. There will also be a chance for a Q&A session with the audience.


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E.g., 21-08-2021