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Hanji: Im Kwon-taek, South Korea, 2011.

Im Kwon-taek: Hanji

31 Oct 2012

Hanji, the name for traditional handmade Korean paper, unites the two storylines in one of Im Kwon-taek’s most well-known features. Pil-yong, whose wife has suffered a cerebral infarction because of him, attempts to get promoted by restoring the only remaining hanji archives of the Choson Dynasty, which burned to ashes during the war with Japan. Meanwhile, documentary filmmaker Ji-won is producing a film on hanji when she meets Pil-yong and takes an interest in his project. As Pil-yong and Ji-won each attempt in his and her own way to master this art of recording, their relationship takes an evocative turn.

Dir. Im Kwon-taek, South Korea, 2011. 118 mins. Korean with English subtitles. 


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E.g., 20-06-2019