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Renzo Martens, Institute for Human Activities, Critical Curriculum, 2014

ICA Off-Site: Do You Follow? Art in Circulation #2

16 Oct 2014

‘Internet circulation changes places into image-places’

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There is often a gap between what images do and what they say they do. When we talk about images, we often discuss their content or message or our experience of them. Beyond the question of impact on the spectator, though, images act on the world in fundamental ways. Renzo Marten’s film Episode III: Enjoy Poverty (2008) for example, documented his efforts in the Congo to establish ways for local people to profit from images of their lives. With its injunctive title, Martens' starting point was that the content of images produced by well-meaning foreign photographers was less important than their effect, which was (in part) to earn money for those photo-journalists.

ICA Off-Site: Do You Follow? Art in Circulation #2

Through the work of four artists who deal with very different locations, this panel considers how places circulate as images, how this circulation shapes such places, and how artists can participate (or not) in such transformations.

Speakers include artists Constant Dullaart, Monira Al Qadiri (GCC), and Christopher Kulendran Thomas.

Due to unforeseen circumstances Renzo Martens is no longer able to participate.

This event will open with Constant Dullaart’s Rave Lecture (30min).

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