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ICA Quickfire: Wu Ming and Stewart Home

1 Jun 2013

On the publication of the novel Altai, please join us for a conversation and performance with Wu Ming 1 and Stewart Home.

A follow-up to Q, written as Luther Blissett, Altai extends the story across the Mediterranean during the turmoil of the Ottoman-Venetian Wars, in the year 1569. The event will explore processes of writing and history.

From the summer of 1994, hundreds of artists and social activists across Europe adopted the name of a football player of Afro-Caribbean origins from Watford as a collective alias, forming the movement known as the Luther Blissett Project. 'Luther Blissett' became the perpetrator of media hoaxes and pranksterism played out as art, fulfilling the role of a 'Robin Hood of the information age': a pop-folk phenomenon. In December 1999, the original Italian branch of the Luther Blissett Project committed symbolic seppuku: the Five Year Plan of guerrilla disinformation warfare was over.

In 2000, five members of the community re-grouped as Wu Ming, meaning either 'no name' , or '5 names', depending on how you stress the syllables. Wu Ming are now four, but they have kept the name that perfectly expresses their constant play around identity and authorship, and which acts as both a tribute to dissidence and a comment on the celebrity machine. They refuse to be photographed.

Stewart Home was born in south London in 1962. When he was sixteen he held down a factory job for a few months, an experience that led him to vow he'd never work again. After dabbling in rock journalism and music, in the early eighties he switched his attention to the art world. Now Home writes novels as well as cultural commentary, and he continues to make films and exhibitions.


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