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Image: Otto Muehl Archive. © Karlheinz and Renate Hein

ICA Quickfire: Otto Muehl: Life and Work

17 Oct 2013

As one of the key figures of Viennese Actionism, Otto Muehl has been highly influential to generations of artists. Following his recent death there has been an abundance of coverage in the international media, but little discussion within the artworld regarding his artistic legacy.

A prominent panel of key art world figures, introduced by ICA Executive Director Gregor Muir, will explore both his work and life, unearthing the reasons for his enduring legacy and confronting why there has been such relatively limited recognition of Muehl within a visual arts discourse.

Philip Ursprung, Professor for the History of Art and Architecture at ETH Zürich will lead the panel comprising Glenn Phillips from the Getty Research Institute, Paul Pieroni, Curator of SPACE, and Catherine Wood, Curator Tate Modern.


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E.g., 18-09-2018