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Craig Baldwin, Mock Up On Mu, 2008

ICA Cinematheque: Oh Liberty!

5 Nov 201326 Nov 2013

Teasing a thread from the post-WW2 California counter-cultures, communes, cults and alternative religions through to the Silicon Valley pioneers and their adoption of an Ayn Rand-inspired libertarianism, culminating in Richard Kelly’s eerily prophetic vision of the Apocalypse as seen from Venice Beach, Oh Liberty! examines the notion of freedom at the end of the Western frontier.

  • Craig Baldwin, Mock Up On Mu, 2008

    ICA Cinematheque: Mock Up on Mu

    5 Nov 2013

    Oh Liberty! commences with this rare UK screening of Mock Up on Mu, a radical hybrid of spy, sci-fi, Western and even horror genres, from San Francisco-based experimental filmmaker Craig Baldwin.

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  • King Vidor, The Fountain Head, 1948

    ICA Cinematheque: The Fountainhead

    12 Nov 2013

    This famously berserk adaptation of Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead - the 1943 novel that championed Rand's own neo-Nietzschian philosophy of ‘Objectivism' - features Gary Cooper as Howard Roark, the uncompromising architect who dynamites a building that fails to conform to his plans.

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  • Oh Liberty!: The Social Network

    19 Nov 2013

    An ambiguous portrait of the modern entrepreneur, The Social Network depicts computer programmer Mark Zuckerberg's meteoric rise from awkward Harvard undergraduate to the world's youngest billionaire.

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  • Oh Liberty!: Southland Tales

    26 Nov 2013

    Perhaps the most ambitious film of the past decade, Richard Kelly's follow-up to his cult 2001 debut Donnie Darko is a kaleidoscopic vision of the Apocalypse as seen from Venice Beach and the Santa Monica Pier.

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