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Abel Ferarra, King of New York, 1990

ICA Cinematheque: King of New York

23 May 2013

The first large-budget production from Abel Ferarra, controversial director of Driller Killer and Bad Lieutenant, features an unforgettable performance from Christopher Walken as gangland drug baron Frank White. Recently released from prison, White sets out to be 'King of New York' by gaining control of a multiracial gang of drug dealers - to the horror of the Traditional Mafia - and the city's poorest area. But New York's streets have grown meaner since Frank last walked them. Enemies on both sides of the law are determined to stop him in his criminal and philanthropic ventures and the consequences can only be violent.

King of New York, dir. Abel Ferarra, USA 1990, 106 mins, cert. 18


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E.g., 20-09-2018