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Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Estate, A Reverie, 2015

ICA Cinematheque: Changing London

28 Jun 20169 Aug 2016

This season of screenings explores the changing landscape of London, celebrating the city’s resilience and diversity, while also reflecting the damaging impact of rising rents and redevelopment on its residents.

While Patrick Keiller’s London takes us on a poetic journey through the city and its history, Aro Karol’s documentary focuses on Soho, charting the destructive effects of gentrification on the area. Andrea Luka Zimmerman’s Estate, A Reverie and Sarah Turner’s Public House immerse us in two London communities, highlighting their creativity and resourcefulness in the face of planned redevelopment.

Focusing on the stories of those directly affected by the changes, these films look beyond the headlines to offer intimate and sharply-observed portraits of a city in flux.


E.g., 08-06-2019
E.g., 08-06-2019