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ICA ASSOCIATES: WARP Evian Christ & David Rudnick present The Trance War: Archives and Documentation, 1998-Ongoing

24 Jul 201526 Jul 2015

Warp Arts, in partnership with Evian Christ & David Rudnick, present a series of materials recalling and responding to the events of The Trance War, which took place in Europe (1998 - ongoing).

The presentation will contain an archive of publications, pamphlets and posters spanning the period of Trance expansion to its eventual contemporary ruin, and the temporary installation of Britain's first public monument in commemoration of the 30,000 Dogs whose lives were lost during the disputed conflict. The installation includes a memorial fanfare composed for the occasion.

Visit the new Trance Memorial website to view the names of all 30,000 of the dogs, including Autobidographer, A. Deejay and Duncan Disorderly.

Join Evian Christ & David Rudnick for the opening night on 23 July.

This project was supported by the Arts Council England.

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