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I Saw the Devil, Dir Kim Jee-woon, 2010

I Saw the Devil

29 Apr 201115 May 2011

★★★★ 'Utterly compelling and adroitly told' Guardian

The exquisitely eerie Tale of Two Sisters, the explosive action-thriller A Bittersweet Life and the delirious Western adventure The Good, the Bad and the Weird have established director Kim Jee-woon as one of the most exciting filmmakers currently working anywhere in the world. His new film goes even further towards confirming that claim, a twisted psychological epic that finds a driven detective giving a particularly sadistic serial-killer a few brutal doses of his own medicine. Choi Min-sik – Old Boy himself – is the gleefully sadistic murderer while heart-throb Lee Byung-hun is the hunter who turns the tables on his prey, although which of the pair is the ‘Devil’ of the title remains very much open to question. The film is formidably violent – to the point where it was even challenged by censors in South Korea, home to all sorts of extreme cinema – but director Kim keeps things moving at a breakneck pace with a twist of jet-black humour and sublime stylistic flourishes. It’s all horribly entertaining, even if you may well find yourself shocked by what passes for ‘entertainment’ these days…

Released by Optimum



Dir Kim Jee-woon, South Korea 2010, 143 mins, recommended cert 18, subtitles, 35mm


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