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Still: I for India

I for India

3 Aug 200718 Oct 2007

"A compelling piece of social history that is also a deeply moving domestic melodrama. ****" Empire

"Penetrating and powerful." Total Film 

"A miraculous mini-epic... terrifically warm, watchable film-making. ****" The Guardian

Sandhya Suri's absorbing debut feature is a sensitive and intimate slice of life, blending old home movies with archival footage to document her family's life since their move from India to England in 1965. Shot over 40 years, the Super-8 footage filmed by Suri's father in Darlington and their family back in India unravels as a deeply emotional story of separation and loss. A time capsule of alienation, discovery, racism and belonging, I for India is a chronicle of immigration in 1960s Britain and beyond.

An ICA Films release.

Dir Sandhya Suri, UK/Italy/Germany 2005, 70 mins


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