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Astra Taylor, Žižek!, 2005


8 Oct 2013

'He is often playful and self-mocking, he is never less than completely serious...' New York Times

Alongside our screenings of The Pervert's Guide to Ideology, we're showing Astra Taylor's 2005 documentary about Slavoj Žižek again. This entertaining documentary profiling the Slovene philosopher focuses on his ascendancy to the position of academic celebrity, capturing him in full flow at home in Ljubljana and in packed lecture halls from Buenos Aires to New York. The film - in constant motion, along with its restless subject - reveals Žižek's own thoughts about a wide variety of theories and concepts, including the unlikely fame that has found him.

Žižek!, dir Astra Taylor, USA 2005, 70 mins, some subtitles, cert 12

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