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I Don't Want to Make a Book

17 Mar 2012

To coincide with the Publish and be Damned fair and the exhibition In Numbers: Serial Publications by Artists since 1955, a panel discusses the relationship of books, journals, magazines and other forms of publishing to artists’ work. While there has been a long history of artists’ books—or 'livres d'artistes' as short editions and craft objects, there is a parallel history of publications as a form of dissemination and experimentation within art, literature and design. As conceptual, archival and research-based practices have emerged, the role of publications in narrating works of art has become more prevalent. But with digital media rendering information available in more immediate and easily distributed forms online, what purpose do such publications serve? Are they a necessary part of an artist's practice, or a mark of success? And, is there another, perhaps more significant, paradigm in which the publication becomes a catalyst for social activity and events to coalesce?

Speakers include Lynn Harris, ANDpublishing, London; Marc Herbst, The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, Los Angeles & Leipzig and Nick Thurston, Information as Material

Chaired by Kit Hammonds, Publish and be Damned.

Please visit and Publish and Be Damned Fair for more information

I dont want to Make a book


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E.g., 16-08-2018