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Ken Loach, I, Daniel Blake, 2016

I, Daniel Blake

21 Oct 201612 Feb 2017

A searing indictment of the state of the British welfare system, this film is a passionate plea for social justice, bearing all the hallmarks of its thoughtful, highly political director Ken Loach. Daniel (Dave Johns) is a friendly 59-year-old joiner who is unable to work due to bad health. However the Department of Work and Pensions overrides the doctor’s report and refuses to award benefits. Daniel must be seen to look for a job although, on doctor’s orders, he cannot accept any work. It’s an absurd predicament that reaches Kafkaesque proportions as the hero becomes buried in red tape and jobsworth employees. As characters try to help each other despite their own troubles, Loach also offers humour and hope.

The film received the Palme d’Or at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and more awards seem certain for this compelling drama from a seminal director.


I, Daniel Blake, dir. Ken Loach, UK 2016, 100 mins.


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