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I AM DORA by Jemma Desai - Launch Screening

I Am Dora, by Jemma Desai - Launch Screening

31 May 2012

I Am Dora is an artists' publication focusing on how female characters in film affect womens perceptions of themselves. A subjective and personal study, I Am Dora explores how and why women identify with one another and what this means when the identification is with a flawed or misunderstood character.

Chapter 1 launches with LUX’s restored print of Sigmund Freud's Dora: A Case of Mistaken Identity directed by Anthony McCall, Claire Pajaczkowska, Andrew Tyndall, and Jane Weinstock (1979), and Light Reading by Lis Rhodes (1979). The event will include a short introduction and an informal discussion following the films in the ICA bar. The first 50 tickets sold will receive a complimentary copy of the publication.

In their original film notes, the filmmakers stated that they chose Dora as a ‘test’ to encourage a discussion, “Understanding hysteria not only as an illness but as the inevitable predicament of women who speak in a language which has never been ours, a phallocentric language” and “to analyse the language, how it represents Freud’s representation of Dora, the representation of female sexuality in psychoanalytical theory, and representation in films”.

Interspersing a recreation of Freud’s failed analysis of Dora with clips from television advertising and pornography, as well as exchanges with her mother, the filmmakers explore the status of the female as the objectified site of sexual desire. The resulting film interrogates psychoanalysis, the iconography of the mother and filmmaking itself as complicit in ‘representing’ the female.

Sigmund Freud's Dora: A Case of Mistaken Identity, Dir. Anthony McCall, Claire Pajaczkowska, Andrew Tyndall, and Jane Weinstock, USA, 1979, 40 mins.

Light Reading, Dir. Lis Rhodes, UK, 1979, 20 mins.


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