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Mikhail Kalatozov, I Am Cuba (Soy Cuba), 1964

I Am Cuba (Soy Cuba)

30 Dec 2016

Soy Cuba will be screened from a nearly pristine 35mm print.

This astonishing and underrated film is blessed with some of the most extraordinary camerawork in film history. Ostensibly Communist propaganda, the film celebrates the progress achieved by the Cuban Revolution and dramatises four examples of injustice to the common man in pre-Revolutionary Cuba. The link that holds the film together is a spoken monologue beginning each sequence with the words "Soy Cuba".

Soy Cuba is still pushing the boundaries of pure cinema; a stirring and unforgettable experience.

I AM CUBA official trailer

I Am Cuba (Soy Cuba), dir. Mikhail Kalatozov, Soviet Union/Cuba 1964, 141 mins.


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