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Eduardo Williams, The Human Surge, 2016

The Human Surge

7 Jul 201716 Jul 2017

ICA Exclusive

Compelling and formally innovative, The Human Surge explores what it means to live and work in the digital present. Taking us into the lives of young people in different geographical locations, it offers a perspective that is at once intimate and global. Eschewing quick narrative links and easy conclusions, the film moves slowly, paying attention to the details of its subjects’ lives and the rhythms of their days. Throughout, it moves between countries and cameras: Mozambique is shot on a pocket Blackmagic, Argentina on 16mm film. Opening up new networks and points of contact between different stories, it meditates on the possibilities—and impossibilities—of connection, asking: what new forms of intimacy are possible in the contemporary moment?

THE HUMAN SURGE Trailer | Festival 2016

The Human Surge (El Auge del Humano), dir. Eduardo Williams, Argentina/ Brazil/ Portugal 2016, 97 mins, Spanish/Portuguese/Tagalog with English subtitles


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E.g., 14-08-2018