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Credit: Anthony Burrill

How To Be Happy

27 Jan 2011

What does it mean to be happy? Does positive thinking do us good? January is the time of year people decide to become better versions of themselves, life goals are reassessed and people re-think their priorities. Often however, happiness is seen as a bi-product of success and motivation is linked to financial goals and as a path to prestige. If we look more closely can we see a link between neo-liberalism and positive thinking? Will success really make us happier and is happiness what we want?

To discuss happiness we have, Oliver Burkeman, author of Help! (Canongate, 2011) which is based on his Guardian column This Column Will Change Your life, psychotherapist and graphic novelist Philipa Perry and author and businesswoman Ros Taylor, voted one of the UK's top ten coaches by the Independent on Sunday newspaper. Chaired by cultural theorist Mark Fisher (AKA K Punk).


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