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Hors Satan, Dir Bruno Dumont, 2011

Hors Satan

4 Jan 201316 Jan 2013

★★★★ "A lucid dream of violence and beauty" The Guardian

Bruno Dumont's latest film Hors Satan is beautifully shot in a protected area on the coast of Northern France, where the director has been living most of his life. Hors Satan engages in a unique way with the landscape to emphasize the inner life of the film’s characters, a world of sand dunes, woods and marshes.

By the Channel, along the Côte d’Opale, near a hamlet with a river and a marshland, lives a unusual guy who struggles along, poaches, prays and builds fires. A girl from a local farm takes care of him and feeds him. They spend time together in the wide scenery of dunes and woods, mysteriously engaging in private prayer at the edge of the ponds, where the devil is prowling...


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E.g., 19-09-2018