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Honk! If Your Body's Not Yours!

5 Sep 2013

This workshop aims to open up the discussion around the exhibition Keep Your Timber Limber by exploring alternative ways of reading issues around the body and its representation, through a collective sound investigation. The workshop will involve different stages like listening, collective investigation and analysis. 

The participants will have the opportunity to listen to excerpts from the Honk! If Your Body's Not Yours! audio guides (available for collection at the ICA box office) which consist of archival sound material, interviews, audio clips, and other recordings, from contributors such as Marlene McCarty, Donna Haraway, Judith Butler, James Baldwin, Gran Fury, ACT UP and Ultra-red amongst others, as well as members of different collectives that directly engage with issues surrounding the body. 

The sound archive offers alternative perspectives that hint towards a set of relationships between economics, politics, race, gender, law, science and the body. This will be followed by a collective investigation into issues as they arise through listening, such as the definition of 'general public' within the context of AIDS cultural analysis, and by implication within the context of the art institution, or the legacy of such artist/ activist collectives today. 

The workshop is part of an on-going process-based project that investigates ways of activating the pedagogical spaces for participation in the development of a dialogue between theory and praxis, through conversation and collective analysis.

If you want to listen to or download the audio playlist, please visit the ICA SoundCloud

Project initiated by Student Forum members Anna Kontopoulou and Victor Wang.


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