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Hit So Hard: P. David Ebersole, 2011, USA

Hit So Hard

16 Nov 201228 Nov 2012

For fans of Nirvana and Hole, Hit So Hard will be a welcome insight into the lives of some of their heroes. P. David Ebersole’s documentary is woven around the highs and considerable lows of Hole’s mighty talented drummer Patty Schemel, whose battles with drug addiction outdid anything experienced by Kurt Cobain or Courtney Love. The film uses archive footage to tell Schemel’s story – the lowest point of which finds her stealing drugs from car parks – and candidly explains how she and her pals got into music and then into heroin. Various alumni from the take-no-prisoners school of rock (and even perky popsters like The Bangles and The Go-Go’s) also have their say and strut their musical stuff. The film covers some dark territory, but remains wryly entertaining for Hole fans and neophytes alike.

Special Q&A
A special Q&A with Patty Schemel herself will follow the screening on Friday 16 November. Attendees to the Q&A will be entered into a prize draw to win a copy of the film poster signed by Patty Schemel. 

Hit So Hard: P. David Ebersole, 2011, USA, 103 mins. 


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