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Hilum - Les Antliaclastes

22 Jan 201126 Jan 2011

A micro comic-tragedy based on the cycles of the washing machine and set in the basement of a rundown museum of natural history. Orphaned and cut off from the ordered kingdom of curiosities upstairs, the cast of nursery rhyme characters, cartoon images, and mischievous urchins turn playtime into a theatre of cruelty. Whites mix with colours, delicates get hot washed, and a monstrous big toe devours holes in the socks.

Conceived and directed by Patrick Sims, formerly creative director of Buchinger’s Boot Marionettes whose Armature of the Absolute was a sold out hit at the Festival in 2009. Hilum - a miniature fantasy-land, distorting and disturbing, is his new company’s debut performance.

Les Antliaclastes 1
Les Antliaclastes 2


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E.g., 24-09-2018