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Magnus von Horn, The Here After, 2015

The Here After

11 Mar 201620 Mar 2016

A critical favourite from Cannes 2015, Magnus von Horn’s strange, unsettling Swedish thriller centres on John (Ulrik Munther), a teenager returning to society after serving prison time for the murder of a love rival. Facing hostility from unforgiving classmates at school, fear from the wider community and a family who are not quite sure how to welcome back the prodigal son, John struggles to maintain his sanity in a world that seems unready for his reintegration. Shot in an elegant, minimal style reminiscent of the work of Michael Haneke, and bubbling over with suppressed feeling, moral ambiguity and complexities, von Horn’s film is a sublime exercise in tension-building, culminating in a pay-off to rival Thomas Vinterberg’s The Hunt in power and emotion.

THE HERE AFTER | Official UK Trailer - in cinemas 11th March

The Here After, dir. Magnus von Horn, Sweden/Poland/France 2015, 102 mins. Swedish with English subtitles.

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