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Still: Heartbeat Detector

Heartbeat Detector

10 Nov 2007

The events and psychological underpinnings of World War II resonate in the most intriguing manner in the intense cinematic voyage of Simon (Mathieu Amalric), a psychologist working in the human resources department of a German owned petrochemical firm in present day Paris. Assigned with the task of investigating the emotional well being of the firm's director, Simon is faced with some troubling psychosomatic experiences, playfully distorting his own perceptions.

Based on a book by Fran├žois Emmanual La Question Humaine this is a sharp and disconcerting work of critical cinema that draws challenging links between today's corporate free market environment and the psychic threads commonly assigned to Europe's darkest days. With a sound track that moves freely between Schubert, Ian Curtis and techno, this cerebral drama will stay with you long after you leave the cinema.

Dir Nicolas Klotz, France 2007, 141 mins, French with English subtitles


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