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Harmony (Ha-mo-ni), Dir Kang Dae-gyu, 2010

Harmony (Ha-mo-ni)

10 Nov 2010

Jeong Hye (Kim Yoon Jin) is handed a ten-year sentence after accidentally killing her abusive husband. In prison, she gives birth to a beautiful baby boy who brings light into not only her life but also those of her cellmates, all of whom have unfortunate stories of their own. Jeong Hye is only allowed to keep her baby for a short period of time, and the days are counting down quickly. To earn brownie points for a day out with her son, Jeong Hye decides to start a prison choir, despite not being able to hold a tune herself. Resistance is high and singing talent low among the inmates, but the tone-deaf choir slowly find their groove and their sense of self as they come together. But the day that Jeong Hye proves herself with the choir is also the day she has to give up her son.

An uplifting and heartfelt story of women seeking redemption in the Korean penal system starring Kim Yun-jin from Lost and the directorial debut for Kang Dae-gyu who has worked on acclaimed films such as The Duellist.

Dir Kang Dae-gyu, South Korea 2010, 35mm, 115 mins


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