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Still: Hansel & Gretel

Hansel & Gretel

16 Jan 200929 Jan 2009

"...a beguiling mystery with a hard, scary centre" The Guardian Guide

"This tense little terror outing is the bee's knees, and should be at the top of your must-see list" Neo

"...a triumph for good, old-fashioned, studio-based film-making" Sight and Sound

In this eerie horror film from South Korea, a young man crashes his car late one night in the middle of nowhere and is rescued by a girl who leads him to the 'House of Happy Children'. Welcomed in for the night by a perfectly hospitable family, he soon finds that his place of refuge is something of a trap. Delicately rendered shocks and insidiously creepy images position this fairy-tale frightener in the same world as the films of Jean Cocteau, Mario Bava and Guillermo del Toro - even if you don't normally like horror films, you may find this an enjoyable way to be frightened.

Dir Yim Phil-Sung, South Korea 2007, 116 mins, subtitles


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