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Jeremy Saulnier, Green Room, 2015

Green Room

13 May 201619 May 2016

Prophetically named punk band The Ain’t Rights find themselves reluctantly playing a backwoods clubhouse owned by white supremacist Darcy Banker (Stewart). When a girl in the audience is brutally murdered, the bandconvincingly played by Anton Yelchin (Star Trek, Fright Night), Alia Shawkat (Night Moves, Arrested Development), Joe Cole (Peaky Blinders, The Falling) and Callum Turner (Queen & Country, War & Peace)lock themselves and the dead girl’s friend (a nicely dissolute Imogen Poots) into the eponymous green room.

Standing guard outside, and determined to keep their dark secrets, Banker and his skinhead clan threaten gruesomely lethal consequences, but the band are disinclined to give up easily and have wicked ideas of their own. Following his impressive revenge thriller Blue Ruin, writer-director Saulnier again refuses to play by genre rules, making for an exhilarating, hugely original and darkly humorous film.

Green Room, dir. Jeremy Saulnier, USA 2015, 95 mins


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E.g., 20-06-2018