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Granito, Dir Pamela Yates, 2011

Granito + Q&A

25 Mar 2011

Part political thriller, part memoir, Granito takes us through a haunting tale of genocide and justice that spans four decades, two films, and in many ways, filmmaker Pamela Yates’s own career (The Reckoning, HRWFF 2009). Granito is a story of destinies joined together by Guatemala’s past and of how a documentary film from 1982, When the Mountains Tremble, emerges as an active player in the present by becoming forensic evidence in a genocide case against a military dictator. Resulting from an incredible twist of fate, Yates was allowed to shoot the only known footage of the army as it carried out the genocide. Twenty-five years later, this footage becomes evidence in an international war-crimes case against the very army commander who permitted her to film. Irrevocably linked by the events of 1982, each of the film’s characters is integral to the country’s reconstruction of a collective memory, the search for truth and the pursuit of justice. Through the work of American filmmakers, forensics experts in Guatemala and lawyers in Spain, the quest for accountability in Guatemala continues – with each individual contributing their “granito”, their tiny grain of sand. Granito was officially selected for Sundance Film Festival 2011.

Dir Pamela Yates, US 2011, 100 mins, subtitles


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