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Guy Myhill, The Goob, 2015

The Goob

30 May 20153 Jun 2015

Produced under Creative England’s low budget filmmaking initiative, iFeatures, The Goob is writer-director Guy Myhill’s first foray into big screen features.

A tale of divided family loyalties, Myhill’s poetic spin on social realism is set amid the stock car racing world of Norfolk’s Fenlands.

A largely unseen part of the country onscreen, the picturesque landscape is as much the star of the film as newcomer Liam Walpole, who breathes spiky charisma into 16-year-old Goob Taylor, a local lad torn between a sense of duty and dreams of a better life.

The arrival of his mother’s brutish new lover, stock car supremo Gene Womack (Sean Harris), and flirtatious migrant worker Eva (Marama Corlett) into Goob’s life crystalize the young school leaver’s frustrations and aspirations.

An oddball dramedy that owes as much to Truffaut as it does to Loach, The Goob is a fresh coming-of-age tale fuelled by psychological tension.

The Goob, dir. Guy Myhill, UK 2015, 86 mins.


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E.g., 16-10-2018