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Image: Cristo Redentor

Of Gods & Monsters

1 Jun 200922 Jun 2009

A short series of talks about the endurance of God, and ideas of good and evil. Do we need religion to sustain our belief in truth and universal values? And, if so, do we need to believe in evil too?

  • Photo: Mahmood Mamdani

    Saviours & Survivors

    1 Jun 2009

    Mahmood Mamdani looks at the tendency to think about conflicts in terms of good guys and bad guys, with reference to the ongoing violence in Darfur.

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  • Photo: Reza Azlan

    Good Muslim, Bad Muslim

    3 Jun 2009

    Are governments and intellectuals quick to champion a liberal ideal of Islam which may be just as unrepresentative as Islamic fundamentalism?

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  • Image: Cristo Redentor

    The Return of Christ

    18 Jun 2009

    Slavoj Žižek and John Milbank consider what wisdom the Christian message might hold for political progressives.

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  • Image: Megagod

    MegaGod: The Evangelical Strain

    22 Jun 2009

    How is evangelical Christianity changing the world, and is there anything we can learn from it?

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