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Stuart Murdoch, God Help the Girl, 2014

God Help the Girl

29 Aug 201431 Aug 2014

★★★★ 'A complex blend of whimsy and depth makes this a promising debut from Mr Murdoch.' Little White Lies
'Has a ramshackle charm and the naked sincerity of an earnest adolescent.' Xan Brooks, Guardian
'Polished, poised and endearingly confident, driven by editing and performances every bit as precise as the wordplay in Murdoch’s lyrics.' New Statesman

Eve (Emily Browning, Sucker Punch) is a sad-eyed, elfin young woman absconding from a Glasgow rehab centre, where she’s being treated for anorexia. She falls for sensitive rock musician James (Olly Alexander), and inspires him and his friend Cass (Hannah Murray, Game of Thrones’ Gilly) to find their groove – and with it, themselves.

The film’s wistful, revelatory music comes from the pen of the film’s director and writer, Belle & Sebastian co-founder Stuart Murdoch. His directorial debut, God Help The Girl is infused with an infectious charm which, as seasoned producer Barry Mendel (Rushmore, The Royal Tenebaums) explains, is 'about the brief moment after you’ve realised what you want to do with your life'.

God Help the Girl, dir. Stuart Murdoch, UK 2014, 112 mins, cert. 15

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